Top 10 Most Expensive, Exotic And Purest Waters In The World



7. AquaDeco , 12 $ per 750 ml

Aqua Deco

This bottle of water looks more like a perfume bottle than a bottled drink. it has not only an attractive style but also very good taste. Several years ago, in 2007 exactly, it won the gold medal for this year’s best non-carbonated spring water. Water comes from virgin sources in Canada.

6. 10 Thousand BC, $14 per 750ml

10 Thousand BC

The water comes from a remote and exotic place off the coast of Canada. It is so far that one would need to take three days off to get to the place where the water is bottled. If the source is indeed far from people, then the chances are great for it to be untouched from any pollution. This makes this water one of the purest and freshest in the world.

5. Veen, $23 per 750ml


Veen’s water comes from Finland and is arguably the freshest and purest water in the world. It has a very sweet taste, hence its name for the flat reference “Velvet”. It is the legend of Veen Emonen, Mother of the waters, ancestral deity of Finland, who inspired the producers of this exceptionally soft water of exception, a characteristic which will not fail to surprise with each swallow.