10+ Surprisingly Bizarre Foods You Should Try At least Once



Dragon in the Flame of Desire, China

Dragon in the Flame of Desire

Behind this elaborate name, which throws it away, hides a very special dish. The Dragon in the Flame of Desire is nothing but a roast yak roast … This dish is not very common and only a few restaurants in China serve it.

Laverbread, Wales


It’s time for breakfast. What’s on the menu? Bacon, hulls and bread vat. If you are not Welsh, laverbread is certainly not part of your vocabulary. As its appearance, green and sticky, is probably not part of your field of vision! The secret of this dish lies in the green alga that composes it.

Wasp Crackers, Japan


Yep, you guessed it, it’s a biscuit filled with wasps. Think chocolate chip cookies, only the insects replace the choccy chips. Apparently the digger wasp, which the biscuit contains, has a pretty mean sting. I wish your tongue good luck.

Balut, Philippines


Those who have been to the Philippines must have seen restaurants serving them. Balut is popular in this country but it is nevertheless something that is not very appetizing: an embryo of duck still alive in its shell that is boiled. happy meal!

Shirako, Japon


If you’re ever in Japan and hear something known as Shirako, you’re in for a surprise treat of cod sperm, The taste is apparently sweet and creamy, and you can have it steamed or fried. Yummy!

Stink Bugs, Africa

Stink-Bugs -Africa

Used to flavor stews or eaten on their own, stinkbugs are said to have a crunch to them and taste a little like apple. Prepared by boiling, the bugs release defensive pheromones in a last-ditch attempt to survive, and while it hurts the eyes it’s no more successful than the onion’s weak survival attempt.