I am pretty much sure we all remember the times of our elementary classes whereby a globe of the world proudly sat on the teachers’ desk. Isn’t it? And then as we got into higher classes, we were ushered with the very unfathomable piece of information by our science teacher that the planet we live on is round. This very fact might have come as a shock for some of us!

It is the natural tendency of a child to never even question anything that is taught in class. Our teachers are our Gods. Some children are way too shy to come up with anything and then there is quite a proportion of students who just want to pass the tests and that’s it. What’s taught is taught and believed. Because the teacher said so!

While some of us did get curious when we got older and much mature to seek the truth. While I was only halfway through the thought of flat-earth or round-earth, I bumped right into an intriguing article about a group of people, called Flat Earth Society. Most of us might not have forgotten that back in 2016, the very famous celebrity rapper B.O.B tweeted his sentiments and opinions on the same. The virtual world went frenzy! We also should not overlook those beautiful photographs of a round ball called earth with shades of blue and green taken by the very brave astronauts as seen from outer space. When we have the physical possession of proof about the shape of the earth, how can some people think otherwise?

The Flat Earth Society contemplates that earth is a flat disc which is protected by an invisible barrier called ‘firmament’. Now in case, you are wondering about what actually is a firmament; it basically refers to a dome-like structure which also bears mentions in the Old Testament. What’s more fascinating is that these people totally are confident that the NASA and the government have lied to the folks about the moon landing and other events. In contrast, many scientists attest that we can prove the very fact that the earth is round ourselves. Riding a plane and existence a lot many time zones condemn the above claims of earth being flat.

However, this very heated debate about the shape of the earth might just go on for years as it had been until now, although, it would be highly joyous to see the above-mentioned theories either being proved or disapproved.