8 Easy Jobs For A Full-time Traveler To Live A Livelihood



Do you like being a full-time traveler just like me?

Then you might be aware of consequences that may lead you to get your full-time job quit just because of your passion. We are well aware of the fact that having a full-time job is a must for the life. However, when it comes to your passion you have to choose between your career and dream. Most of the time people go for their passion regardless of the results. But the discussion here is not about the passion and the career. It’s all about the ways that can help a traveler to live a livelihood while traveling around the world.

Most of the people think that doing a traveling job is quite easy. But the reality is far different from it. However, it’s not that much tough though. So today in this article we are going to enlighten some of the best jobs for full-time traveler. All you need is to read the whole article and analyze what suits you best if you are a traveler or a full-time traveler.

Jobs for full-time traveler

Many people believe that doing a part-time or full-time job as a traveler is much easy. But let us ask you one question if it is that much easier, then why not all people go for it? The reason behind this is every passion or profession need some kind of commitment, sacrifice, hard work and most important talent.

As there is no magic way to earn money as a full-time traveler!

It takes years or more than years to become independent and earn a livelihood while traveling.

However, the following enlist jobs are some of the best jobs for full-time travelers. But keep this in mind that not all these jobs are suitable for everyone. Might be if it shows you that doesn’t mean it will work in the same manner as it is working for you.

1. Working as a Travel tour guide

full-time traveler tour guide job

You can start working as a travel tour guide as a local or an international travel guide. You can work for a local company, for an international company or you can start your own business. It can be any place, can be a local hiking trip, famous bar, and restaurant or anything that you think is prettiest cool. However, you can earn $1,000 to $10,000 every month depending on your experience and ideas regarding tour guide.

2. English Teacher abroad


Well, do you know how to speak English? Do you speak English frequently? But do you know how much you can earn as an English teacher in the foreign countries? You might are not aware of it. There is a high demand for professional English teachers in the foreign countries and can get a decent income. All you need is to take classes online and get TEFL certification.  However, the income ranges between $2,000 to $3,000 per month plus accommodation.

3. Freelancer translator

full-time traveler freelancer translator

No doubt for this, you need to learn a second language. But trust me this can be something that you actually want to earn. You need to work hard in the starting, however, once you get command on a specific language, you can earn as much as you want.
Moreover, restaurant menu translator, can work for a tour company or can work as a freelancer. You can charge 0.5 dollars to 0.6 dollars per word.

4. Work in a Farm and Explore the World for free


hey full-time traveler! now is your chance to experience all different farming activities, from picking the eggs to ploughing a field, learning about irrigation system or organic food and milk. And sure, you may have many occasions out there to milk goats and cows; you can earn $200 to $400 or even up to $750 per week if you have experience, so take your time to see the world in slow motion.