6 Cheap Countries To Discover As Best Low Cost Destinations


Who doesn’t get enticed by the idea of travelling around the globe, exploring new countries, people, and new cultures? Well we all do! And if budget concerns have kept you away from planning an international trip lately, let’s help you in unraveling some of the world’s best low cost destinations.

6. Croatia

the beauty of Croatia

With a widespread Adriatic coastline, Croatia has plenty of budget destinations to choose from, promising inexpensive food, accommodation, and transportation. You can freely wander around Diocletian’s Palace in the old center of the city which is now a place for latest coffee shops, bars, and shops.

5. Greece


As the country is going through an economic crises a trip to Greece will cost you much lower than it used to be. You can cut your costs by planning your stay at Paros or Skiathos over costly Greek islands like Santorini or Mykonos.

4. Turkey

low cost destinations

With its magnificent turquoise coast and tourist friendly resorts in Izmir, Bodrum, and Fethiye, Turkey is a delight for budget travel. A unique blend of eastern and western culture, it is a dream destination for all food lovers. While planning your trip to Turkey make sure to visit the ruins in Patara and the stadium at Ephesus and most importantly walking around the streets of Istanbul.

3. Bhutan


The last Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan will charm you with its perfect balance of tradition and modernity. With a Gross National Happiness, the Buddhist land will fascinate you with its spectacular Himalayan landscape, majestic monasteries, and beautiful flora and fauna. The government of Bhutan has set a “Minimum Daily Package” for tourists, excluding the passport holders from India, Bangladesh, and Maldives. The tour price is inclusive of accommodations, meals, guides, cultural programs, and transportation.

2. India


A trip to India will definitely fill you with more enriching experiences in proportion to what you spend. From the Taj Mahal in Agra, to the pink city of Jaipur, the list to visit places in this dynamic country is endless yet easy on your budget.

1. Morocco


Last on our list of the best low cost destinations around the world is one of the most affordable African countries – Morocco. From flight fares to food and accommodations, Morocco is the ultimate dream trip at a low cost.

Even if flights account for most of the budget, you can bring down a significant percentage of your travel by choosing a comparatively inexpensive destination.