5+ Top-rated Things To Do When You Travel To Morocco



Morocco is a wonderful place with so many rich cultures and site attractions for visitors and residence alike. This North African country has a lot to offer anyone that visits. If you are thinking about taking a vacation to Africa, then Morocco is definitely one of the best destinations you should put into consideration.

Morocco is an interesting multicultural nation mixed from African, Arab and European impacts. It is our nearest connect to the mainland of Africa and an assorted occasion goal. The nation offers unimaginable measure of history, culture, craftsmanship and music alongside an intriguing geological scene fusing the Sahara leave, the snow topped Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic coastline.

This country has fascinating history to it, and the it’s location bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea has made it’s cities even more popular than other cities in the region. Although Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, there are basically other cities with lot’s to offer tourists. Let us take a close look at some things to see and do while in Morocco.

Experience everything in Marrakech


A visit to Morocco isn’t finished without a stretched out visit to Marrakech, the Imperial City of Morocco arranged at the base of the Atlas Mountains. There are numerous things to be part of in this city, yet you should visit the Jamaa el Fna in the focal point of the old city. This square is the home of squeezed orange slows down and snake charmers, artists and storytellers, performers and sellers.

Toubkal, the highest peak in north of Africa

If you like snow and climbing mountains then you are in the right place, at 13,671 ft, Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas mountains and North of Africa, located 63km south of Marrakech city, So pack your luggage and enjoy the adventure.

Hike to the Akchour Waterfalls and God’s Bridge


This place is called Morocco’s Lost paradise. If you’re into something different and new, Akchour’s Waterfalls is the place to go!! hiking, tricking beauty all around you from natures swimming pools you can just dive into, sitting and watching the mountain tops, to eating some really good food by the little lakes an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy sunrise on a Merzouga morning


The sun seems to rise very quickly in the desert. First there is the flash pre-dawn green followed by a yellowing of the sky then suddenly the desert sand is set alight by the vivid morning sunlight and glow a fiery red. To experience a desert sunrise is an unforgettable experience and the best place to do so is at the Merzouga sand dunes or Erg Chebbi. Some of these dunes tower over a 160 metres high and support a highly diverse wildlife of flora and fauna.

Chefchaouen city, the blue pearl


The Blue Pearl, also known as Chaouen for locals, a city located in the northwest of Morocco near Tangier and Ceuta, it’s beauty painted in shades of blue and the calm atmosphere of the town make it very attractive to visitors from all over the world.
The main square of the old medina is lined with restaurant and shops, filled with locals and tourists, not to mention the magic beauty of the roads and streets located rather higher, or you can head to the suburb of the town where you can take wonderful panoramic shots of the blue city, so just carry your backpack and hit the road.