4 Benefits of Eating Organic Food


For those who are not familiar with the concept of organic foods, these are foods that are grown naturally without the use of any form of chemicals. Natural methods are used, which promotes water and soil conservation, while reducing pollution. It is worthy of mention that organic foods are a lot more expensive, which is due to the nutritional value and how they are grown. Because of the pesticides used in the growing of conventional produce, unlike organic foods, they have more tendencies of having pesticide contamination.

Eating higher quality food on the surface seems easy. We must seek more information because the quality of the food we are eating is at an all-time low. The big food companies have laced everything with chemicals and preservatives so it will last longer so they can make more money

1. Reduced health risks

Organic farms do not use industrial pesticides and fertilizers on their crops and do not use periodic doses of antibiotics on their animals. This ensures that there will be no chemical residues on the produce. Some chemical residues that are very common in conventional food are said to be harmless at first. They are however likely to buildup and become serious threats to one’s health.

2. More nutritional value

A recent research by the British Journal of Nutrition, which covered more than 300 studies on organic produce, revealed that organic foods are more nutritious and contains about 70% more antioxidants. This means the nutritional value of organic foods is far more than what you find in conventional foods. It is worthy of mention that even though conventional foods looks bigger in most cases, it does not mean they have a high nutritional value.

There is another thing that goes along with organic food and that is self-sufficient living. This type of living lets us be more in tune with nature instead of against her and this lets our bodies become easily balanced. We also live a much cleaner and more cost effective lifestyle

3. It helps with weight loss

Obesity and Overweight issues are signs that our bodies are unbalanced, to naturally Lose weight quickly and keep it off, we need to make our bodies feel the need to balance themselves out, and when this happens, we will lose weight fast and keep it off. The main thing we need to remember for losing weight fast is to help our body out because the more help we give our body the better and faster we can lose weight properly and keep it that way.

4. Proper Standards for Certification

One of the many Benefits of Organic Food is its assured quality. A farm must first pass rigorous tests before it acquires the right to be called an organic farm and to call its produce organic. In addition to better standards, you also get better taste when you eat organic foods. The excessive amounts of desirable nutrients such as phytochemicals and antioxidants possessed by organic produce causes the resulting meat, fruits, and vegetables to have very juicy and sweet flavor.